AOPA & KPBA & KPSC 2018 : Joint Meeting of the Asian-Oceanic Pancreatic Association, the Korean Pancreatobiliary Association, and the Korean Pancreas Surgery Club 2018
"Debates and Challenges in Clinical Pancreatology"
Lotte Hotel Seoul, Seoul, Korea
April 27-28, 2018
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    DAY 1 - April 26

    Room A (Type 2 Autoimmune Pancreatitis - Idiopathic Duct-centric Chronic Pancreatitis)
    Pre-registration for Satellite Symposium I ONLY
    11:45-12:30 Registration & Lunch Light lunch is provided.
    12:30-12:40 Introduction Myung-Hwan Kim
    (Congress President,
    AOPA & KPBA & KPSC 2018
    Organizing Committee)
    12:40-14:00 Satellite Session 1. Clinical & Radiological Features Moderators:
    Ji Kon Ryu (Seoul National University, Korea)
    Kazuichi Okazaki (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
    12:40-12:55 Epidemiology and clinical findings: Type 1 vs. type 2 Seungmin Bang
    (Yonsei University, Korea)
    12:55-13:10 Radiological findings of autoimmune pancreatitis: Types 1 and 2 Jae Ho Byun
    (University of Ulsan, Korea)
    13:10-13:25 Autoimmune pancreatitis: An European perspective Matthias Löhr
    (Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden)
    13:25-13:40 Q & A
    13:40-14:00 Case-based discussion: Pancreatic mass Jong Kyun Lee
    (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    14:00-15:20 Satellite Session 2. Histopathologic Features Moderators:
    Seung-Mo Hong (University of Ulsan, Korea)
    Yoh Zen (Kobe University, Japan)
    14:00-14:15 The pathological findings of type 2 AIP: What the clinician should know about pathologic diagnosis Kenji Notohara
    (Kurashiki Central Hospital, Japan)
    14:15-14:30 Immunological Features of Type 2 Autoimmune Pancreatitis Yoh Zen
    (Kobe University, Japan)
    14:30-14:45 Granulocytic epithelial lesion (GEL): Is it really specific to type 2 AIP? Seung-Mo Hong
    (University of Ulsan, Korea)
    14:45-15:05 Q & A
    15:05-15:20 Case-based discussion Jimin Han
    (Daegu Catholic University, Korea)
    15:20-15:40 Coffee Break
    15:40-17:00 Satellite Session 3. Current Debates & Future Challenges in Type 2 AIP Moderators:
    David C. Whitcomb (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
    Jong Kyun Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    15:40-15:55 Type 1 & type 2 AIP: Separate clinical entities or different ends of the same disease spectrum? Kenji Notohara
    (Kurashiki Central Hospital, Japan)
    15:55-16:10 Type 2 AIP: Is it underdiagnosed or really rare in Japan? Kazuichi Okazaki
    (Kansai Medical University, Japan)
    16:10-16:25 'Nonsurgical' diagnosis of type 2 AIP: A challenge to the clinicians Myung-Hwan Kim
    (University of Ulsan, Korea)
    16:25-16:40 Q & A
    16:40-16:55 Case-based discussion Sung-Hoon Moon
    (Hallym University, Korea)
    16:55-17:00 Q & A
    17:00-18:00 Satellite Session 4. Worldwide experience with type 2 AIP Moderators:
    Myung-Hwan Kim (University of Ulsan, Korea)
    Tooru Shimosegawa (Tohoku University, Japan)
    17:00-17:15 Type 2 AIP manifesting as acute pancreatitis; The Korean experience Dongwook Oh
    (Eulji University, Korea)
    17:15-17:30 Type 2 AIP: Pittsburgh experience David C. Whitcomb
    (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
    17:30-17:45 Case-based discussion Woo Hyun Paik
    (Seoul National University, Korea)
    17:45-18:00 Discussion
    Discussants (Satellite Session 1-4) Sung-Hoon Moon (Hallym University, Korea)
    Taejun Song (University of Ulsan, Korea)
    Won Jae Yoon (Ewha Womans University, Korea)
    Jun Ho Choi (Dankook University, Korea)

    DAY 1 - April 26

    Room B (Familial Pancreatic Cancer)
    Pre-registration for Satellite Symposium II ONLY
    15:10-16:40 KPSC TFT meeting: Familial Pancreas Cancer (in Korean) Moderators:
    Seong Ho Choi (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    In Seok Choi (Konyang University, Korea)
    15:10-15:25 Strategy for build-up of Korean familial pancreas cancer registry Dong Sup Yoon
    (Yonsei University, Korea)
    15:25-15:40 Build-up and break-through for web-based familial cancer registry In Woong Han
    (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
    15:40-15:55 Consideration to build-up for tumor registry Young-Joo Won
    (National Cancer Center, Korea)
    15:55-16:10 Screening methods for high-risk patients for pancreatic cancer including familial pancreatic cancer Seung Woo Park
    (Yonsei University, Korea)
    16:10-16:25 Hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes Duck-Woo Kim
    (Seoul National University, Korea)
    16:25-16:40 Benchmarking to other cancer for establishment of familial cancer registry: Breast cancer Sung-Won Kim
    (Daerim St. Mary`s Hospital)
    16:40-17:00 Coffee Break
    17:00-18:00 Satellite Session. Familial Pancreatic Cancer (in English) Moderators:
    Shuji Isaji (Mie University, Japan)
    Sung Su Yun (Yeungnam University, Korea)
    17:00-17:30 Patients at high-risk of pancreatic cancer Nicholas J. Roberts
    (The Johns Hopkins University)
    17:30-17:45 Concept of familial pancreatic cancer and the establishment of Japanese Familial Pancreatic Cancer Registry Hiroyuki Matsubayashi
    (Shizuoka Cancer Center, Japan)
    17:45-18:00 Prospective cohort with family history of pancreatic cancer in Taiwan Ming-Chu Chang
    (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

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